Maxwell Hubbard

Software Engineer

About me

Hello! I'm Max.

I'm a detail oriented software engineer who's passionate about providing an easy, fun, and unique experience for people.

I am currently a junior at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst studying computer science. I have experience creating applications used in clinical research at a Boston hospital that aim to help aid in the health and wellness of patients with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Keeping this in mind, I strive to create applications that not just researchers will use but that the patients themselves will use.

Through my education I am continuing to learn new languages, frameworks, and techniques that will help me create elegant, efficient, clean code. I'm always looking for a new project that can help people in need, whether it be a simple app or a way to keep track of their dietary needs. My goal for every project is to create something that is not only functional but beautiful as well.

When I'm not at my desk, I'm probably out playing baseball, umpiring Little League games, playing my saxophone in the local band, or up on stage talking and performing.



During the summer when I was 12, I taught myself the Java language and have loved it ever since. I've used Java to create multitudes of programs from desktop programs to networking applications to video games.


I decided to learn Swift in order to share my ideas with the world through Apple's AppStore. I've used swift to create user friendly apps and games which can be found on the AppStore.


This entire website was built with HTML5, Java Script, and CSS using the Bootstrap framework.


In many classes and internships I have used SQL as a way to manage and query databases.

My Projects